Google Assistant crowns as the smartest virtual assistant

This is confirmed by a test that consisted of 800 questions that were put in front of the virtual assistants Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and Cortana.

As part of a test to understand practical uses of artificial intelligence (AI), Loup Ventures conducted an exercise of 800 questions to the virtual assistants of the smart speakers Google Home , Amazon Echo , HomePod and Invok .

Google Assistant se corona como el asistente virtual más inteligente

The results were overwhelming, placing the Google assistant in the lead with 88% of the correct answers. In second place was Siri with 75% , followed by Alexa with 73% . In the last place was Cortana , of Microsoft , with 64% of hits

In comparison, these were the results of the same test conducted the previous year: Google obtained 81% of correct answers, Alexa stayed with 64%, Cortana 56% and Siri 52%. This shows Google’s leadership in this issue, but Apple has shown great progress leaving Alexa third. Cortana remains at the end, although with an improvement of correct answers.

The rate of correct and comprehension responses was measured
The methodology used was based on two key questions : did you understand what I asked? and did he respond correctly? In addition, the questions were divided into five categories: local , to know addresses of places; trade , to make purchases of products; navigation , to know routes; information , general questions, and command , to ask for reminders and appointments.

Loup Ventures
Apart from the results already mentioned, another conclusion was that practically all the assistants are able to understand what is being asked of them . For example, of the 800 questions Google Assistant understood all, Siri did not understand 3, Alexa did not understand 8 and Cortana only 5.

Google won in four of the five categories, while Siri won in one

The assistant of Google stood out in 4 of the 5 categories , being surpassed in the one of commands by the one of Apple thanks to the powerful integration that there is between Siri, the iPhone and the native iOS apps.

Interestingly, in the trade side, Assistant again surpassed even Alexa , an area where the Amazon assistant is supposed to win. Despite the above, the study concludes that people who use virtual assistants to buy is minimal.

Thanks to the integration they have with their own map apps, the HomePod with Siri and Google Home with their Assistant dominated the navigation category . They also integrate to social media.

In the end, all the assistants improved with respect to the test of the previous year. Siri had an improvement of 22 percentage points, followed by Alexa with 9 points. Google Assistant and Cortana improved 7 points.

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